Here are the places you'd love to go if mountaineering is your passion

My first connect with nature:

I was only ten when my family decided that we should go trekking in the summer vacations. My older brothers were adventure freaks and I got sports freaks for parents, so you can imagine the amount of adrenaline there is when they all get together. Of course the thing is contagious; so I grew up in an environment where staying in the house was considered as an option only if you were not doing too well, and by that I mean that you are most probably dying. Otherwise there was no reason for any one of us to be in doors even while the sun was setting.

So, we went mountaineering to the nearest hill to our home and you can be sure that I got hooked. I loved holding the apparatuses and discovering new geological formations. I loved the pumping adrenaline when we had to scale steep mountains and how we coped with shocks and traumas that we experienced while climbing. The kind of camaraderie that we experienced and the mutual respect for each other's abilities was something to root for!

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Here is a list of the best places to hit if you have mountain goals in your life too:

You don't need to be a pro!

All you need is the passion to climb. Hill walkers also do very well. There are local tour operators that arrange tours for everyone so even if you are only a beginner you may want to let the organizers know and they would be too happy to assist you with whatever you may like.

1. Mount Blanc in France:

This one is a real treat. It is like the caviar of mountaineering. This exquisite mountain is one that every climber worth his salt must aim and make sure that he does at least once in his lifetime.

This one is the tallest peak in the whole of east Europe. It makes sense to be in perfect fitness before someone attempts a climb here. Climbing alpine mountains mean that you need to be acclimatized too. The climbing that is organized by the expedition groups give two chances for summiting and they are also considerably flexible while ascending.

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2. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

This one is a big one! A lot of people who peak at its summit may take selfies that show utmost exhilaration but you don't know how much goes in to it there!! At a great height of almost 5900 meters above sea level, summiting this mountain can take up to sixteen hours and therefore immense stamina and fitness form. Also, a lot of people who attempt it fail because they develop either a phobia of heights or altitude sickness which can even turn out fatal if unchecked. The local groups at the base do a wonderful job and a lot of celebrity climbers have taken up to five days max. If a mountaineering holiday at Kilimanjaro is what is on the cards, you will have to work on your fitness at least six months from the date that you expect to hit the place.

3. Mount Aconcagua in Argentina:


This one takes the cake for having the maximum people trying to summit its peak. The best part about scaling this mountain is that a hill walker will do just fine; no need for special mountaineering skills.

There is no snow ice axing at all during the hike but the only problem is the altitude. Fitness and stamina are needed to combat the fatigue that will come over when you need to do the steep altitudes near the peak. There are tour organizers who do two different batches, one normal and the other that is through the Polish route. You may want to contact them directly for any information that you need at

4. Matterhorn in Switzerland:

Anyone who has eaten the Tobblerone knows too well the alpine mountain of Matterhorn. It is one of the best known mountains to climb. Even though it is not graded as a tough one to do, still fitness levels need to be maintained because it is an alpine mountain. There needs to be at least some mountaineering experience and summiting can take up to twelve hours so stamina levels must be great. Also, there are chances that you may have to climb twelve hours straight and with no breaks at all.

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