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Is mountain climbing on your bucket list this year?

If climbing mountains gives you the kick, you are at the right place. At twenty, we are the most sought after mountain guiding and consultancy company with the rare legacy of having taken the biggest number of people to the highest of peaks and treks to the remotest corners of the world.

The world is an adventure:

We believe that the life we live must be one that is full of learning. There must not be a single dull moment. So, we organize 80 different kinds of trips and treks across the globe from the Himalaya to the Antarctica to Greenland to Scandinavia. You name it and we are there!

Quality expeditions:

Our expeditions are the best in the world with recommendations from some of the best names in the world tourism industry. It has been our endeavor to help realize the dreams of passionate mountain climber to stand there at the summit of their own dream mountains. We are present in all the highest peaks in all the different continents of the world and predominantly are someone that you must be looking out for. There is no one who is even close to us on their experiences.

We also train:

Want to take it up as a profession? Want to set up a climbing school yourself? Kindly feel free to enquire with us on what we have on offer, our expert mountain guides will prop you up for a future that is not only great looking but ascending even in the literal sense of the word! Out climbing schools in Europe, New Zealand and Americas are a great hit with students who turn up all year round to fire the passion for mountain climbing that they have housed. Climbing mountains can be a child's play if you know the strategies and know how that you need to employ in order to be able to climb even the most challenging terrain anywhere in the world.

We invite you to check out our page so that you may know the world of opportunities that are waiting for you to explore. Welcome aboard!

We have a green footprint:

We are a responsible trek and hike organizers and have pledged to make sure that we will take care of the mountains and the terrains and not allow the members of the tour to defile its purity. We make the trekkers also take an oath to this effect before we take them in officially. It is a part of our company policy; one that we realize is more important than being successful commercially!

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